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The Eucharist is a practical reality—Jesus wants to be present in our everyday encounters and experiences. In down-to-earth and often humorous ways, author Chris Padgett helps us find an immediate connection between receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and living a holy life in difficult times. The forty reflections in this book will enlarge your vision of the power of Christ through the Eucharist to change your life and those you meet.

"Chris Padgett's words lift the mind and heart of the reader to where they were made to be—on what is just, pure, lovely, and admirable (Philippians 4:8)—and he does it with his unique gift for showing, in the most practical of ways, how heavenly realities make a difference in the here and now." ‚ÄîChris Stefanick, speaker, author, and president of Real Life Catholic

"In this honest, insightful, and entertaining book, Chris Padgett introduces us, once again, to a God who not only loves us but who likes us and who desires nothing more than for us to believe it. This isn't another treatise on the true presence of God in the Eucharist but rather an invitation to make sense of our lives, our families and our very selves through the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist." —Mark Hart, author, radio host, and executive vice president of Life Teen International


SKU/ISBN: 9781593252595 Author: Padgett, Chris Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Why the Eucharist Matters to Your Life: The Practical Reality of Christ's Power and Presence
1395 1255

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