Francis Insa & Dale Parker | Paperback
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The virtue of purity? Who talks about that nowadays?

This short book presents the topic to today's youth as a challenge to grow and mature into responsible and caring adults, capable of leading and helping others. The authors begin from the vantage of Jesus, who ministered to both young and old, and whose lessons are a call to holiness for us all.

Learn why the virtue of chastity is so pivotal to healthy relationships, how to live and acquire the virtue in a natural way, and what virtues, attitudes, and practices will be key to your achieving a chaste heart, mind, and body. These include prayer, sacrifice, service to others, control over internet use, talking about one’s struggles, and obtaining help in confession and spiritual direction.

This book includes references to websites and further reading and is great as both a personal guide for young people and a teaching tool for adults.

SKU/ISBN: 9781594173912 Author: Francis Insa & Dale Parker Publisher: Scepter Publishers
Why Purity: Navigating the Confusing Cultural Messages
1095 985

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