Ronda Chervin & Richard Ballard & Ruth Ballard | Paperback
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Everyone hopes to go to heaven, but what do we really know about it?

There are thrilling promises in Scripture but not an abundance of detail about the nature of heavenly existence. Another source of insight and hope can be found in the writings of the saints throughout history.

What the Saints Said About Heaven: 101 Holy Insights on Everlasting Life combines Scriptural passages, saintly writings, and prayers from the heart, all organized into a daily meditation format.

It provides inspiring thoughts on subjects such as: what the Beatific Vision will be like, on being in heaven with loved ones, about Angels, Saints and what we will do in our resurrected bodies.

What the Saints Said About Heaven is the ideal gift for every Christian, and serves as an encouraging reminder that each day we spend on earth is a preparation for the ultimate joy of life to come.

SKU/ISBN: 9780895558725 Author: Ronda Chervin & Richard Ballard & Ruth Ballard Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
What The Saints Said About Heaven - 101 Holy Insights About Everlasting Life
1695 1186

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