Jane M.-A. Burton, Lucien Deiss, CSSp | Paperback
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What is the future of liturgical song? The answer to that question, says Lucien Deiss, depends upon the development of the liturgy itself and our search for better ways to spread the gospel.Drawing on the riches of the past to guide that search, Father Deiss reflects on what is desirable today. Making the ministerial function of music and song his point of reference - and the key to all questions - he discusses every musical aspect, from processions, acclamations, and responsorial psalms, to hymns, the credo, and the cantillation of the readings. He outlines present-day practices, makes suggestions for improvement, and contributes sound, creative ideas for the future.Using his broad historical and musical knowledge of the Church's liturgy, Father Deiss takes us step-by-step through the Eucharistic celebration. He reflects not just on the liturgy's repertoire of music and song, but also on the roles of those who participate in its formation: priest, choir, music liturgist, organist, cantor, and congregation.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814622988 Author: Jane M.-A. Burton, Lucien Deiss, CSSp Publisher: Liturgical Press
Visions of Liturgy and Music for a New Century
2995 2695

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