Emily Koczela | Softcover
2195 1975

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Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Galapagos every year, but a lucky twenty thousand actually live there, including the two sisters of our story!

They visit the famous giant tortoises, go to the beach, and play family games. The older girl is a warm and gentle protector to her little sister, and keeps her entertained with stories. The relationship between the two is endearing, and the entire family is warm and kind. The story also includes some events in mainland Ecuador, through the eyes of another lively and wonderful family that lives in a beautiful city in the high Andes.

South America is rich in Catholic traditions, and several are referenced in the book, as seen through the eyes of the children.

Bonus content includes:

  • a history of chocolate, 
  • pirates off the coast of Ecuador, 
  • and more!
SKU/ISBN: 9781733265980 Author: Emily Koczela Publisher: Holy Heroes
Very Young Catholics in Ecuador
2195 1975

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