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In his Wednesday catecheses, Pope Francis lauds the power of prayer. "Prayer is powerful because it attracts the power of God and the power of God always gives life: always,” the pope reminds us (May 27, 2020).

This beautiful collection brings together the pope’s catecheses on prayer, given in his Wednesday general audiences from May 2020 to June 2021. Pope Francis thoughtfully reflects on this central act of the Christian life—from the character and substance of Christian prayer, prayer as a personal and communal act, and the prayer of holy men and women in the Bible to the different types of prayer, perseverance in love, and the prayer of Jesus for all.

This hopeful collection of sermons will be a sound source of meditation on the gift of prayer. The pope’s insights are an invitation to Catholics to revitalize and embrace this central pathway in the life of faith. The pope’s pastoral reflections may be a helpful tool for pastors as well, to assist with homily preparation.

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Unlock the Power of Prayer
1595 1435

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