Aradi, Zsolt | Paperback
1995 1795

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There are more false claims about miracles than nearly anything else — claims by skeptics and believers alike, few of whom know what the Church actually says about miracles.

The result is a popular culture whose muddled concepts of miracles deny us any sense of the real character, meaning, and majesty of those events, and leaves us blind to compelling evidence that miracles still occur regularly, even in our day.

Now comes the remedy: Understanding Miracles, the book that gives you the most comprehensive, careful, and thoughtful discussion of miracles available today. In reading Understanding Miracles your eyes will be opened as you finally discover what the Church really teaches about miracles and you'll learn (among many other things):

    • What a miracle is (there is a good chance your understanding is wrong)


    • The particular miracles we are required to accept; and those we are free to doubt


    • The five kinds of miracles (and why it makes a difference)


    • The seven marks of every authentic miracle (can you name even two?)


    • The benefits that miracles always bring (and the "benefits" that lead the Church — and should lead you! — to doubt that an inexplicable event is miraculous)


    • The Eucharist: it's a mystery but not strictly-speaking a miracle. Do you know why?


    • The strict criteria by which the Church evaluates supernatural events; and the painstakingly slow, methodical way in which it deliberately proceeds with such investigations


    • How supernatural phenomena like magic, sorcery, astrology, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, and telekinesis differ from miracles


    • Rigorous scientific investigation: a true miracle's best friend


  • And countless other topics to deepen your knowledge and understanding of miracles, and draw you closer to the Author of them all.
SKU/ISBN: 9781933184784 Author: Aradi, Zsolt Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Understanding Miracles: How to Know if They Are from God, the Devil, or the Imagination
1995 1795

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