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What does it mean to be Christian?

Within his many letters, St. Paul tells us that to be Christian is to live in Christ, to live our life with him and in him, and to live his Life in ours. Christ must be the starting point and the guiding thread of every Christian life. He must be our anchor, our focus, and our ultimate desire. Everything we do, we do for his glory.

These authors join to give us a glimpse into how Christians live out this supreme mission. Every aspect of our humanity must converge in Christ: our life of prayer, the formation of our every dimension, our spiritual struggles, our sense of mission. We must fully grasp that our freedom as children of God and Christ's unconditional love are the strong foundation of our efforts and goals.

We want to live our life in him, to live his life in ours, as he is our source of hope-filled joy.

SKU/ISBN: 9781594174346 Author: Rodolfo Valdes Publisher: Scepter Publishers
To Live in Christ: What it Means to be a Christian
1295 971

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