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This book follows the USCCB’s framework for “Who Is Jesus Christ?” and is written by Andrew Willard Jones. It answers the question of who Jesus is and what that means for the life of the reader. It features source documents such as key sections from Vatican II’s Dei Verbum and Lumen Gentium, and  as well as Augustine’s De Trinitate (On the Trinity) and more.


About the series:

The Formed in Christ series is a solid and faithful resource that provides a thorough treatment of the Catholic faith and the various branches of theology. Teachers may use this series to draw lessons for all core curriculum subjects in the USCCB’s doctrinal framework for high school level theology.

Each book in the Formed in Christ series is written at a high school age-appropriate level and includes further reading from magisterial or other orthodox sources (ranging from the Church Fathers to books published within the last ten years), along with discussion and reflection questions. Also included in each book is a “challenges” section, which follows from the USCCB’s suggestions for apologetic topics for each course.

The simple structure of the Formed in Christ series is meaningfully designed to allow teachers to build their own course or to use these books as a supplement. It means they can also be used by homeschoolers or religious educators, by the beginner armchair theologian, or by the college or high school student for independent or group study. The versatility inherent in these books means that they are not only for a high school classroom, but for anyone willing to put in the work to learn more about the truths of the faith.

SKU/ISBN: 9781949013382 Author: Andrew Willard Jones Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
The Word Became Flesh: An Introduction to Christology
2295 2066

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