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Parents: We are wading in uncharted waters. The world and its pitfalls today are unlike any other time in history. As a result, parenting strategies and techniques we employ can feel experimental. In whatever decade we grew up, it is a far cry from the noise, the pressures, the confusion, and the temptations of today’s world.

Despite the incredible amount of noise out there—advice coming from every corner, it seems—we can still feel alone and confused in parenting. Whose advice can I trust? What ideas are sound, trustworthy, and healthy for my child’s body, mind, and soul? What is the best advice I can take to help my child grow in love of God, self, and neighbor?

Author Michael Moynihan, father of eleven children and Head of an all-boys high school, has invested his life and heart into the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing of children and young adults, while authentically living out his own baptismal call as husband, father, and faithful disciple. In his newest book, he guides us parents through the murky waters of parenting our children in this confused culture, providing us confidence in our strategies, as well as faith in God’s Plan, along the way.

SKU/ISBN: 9781594174469 Author: Michael Moynihan Publisher: Scepter Publishers
The Talk and Beyond
1395 1255

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