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The strength of a vocation to build the kingdom of God’s love is evident in the witness of consecrated men and women who dedicate their lives to Christ in the service of God and their brothers and sisters.

In this interview with Pope Francis, Spanish Claretian Fernando Prado draws out the pope’s thoughts and reflections on the call to live out consecrated life today with an ever-new vitality.

This plainspoken conversation with Pope Francis took place in 2018 at the pope’s residence. Filled with personal anecdotes from his own pastoral work, Pope Francis tells the story of the changes that have come to consecrated life in recent decades, challenges that need to be proactively addressed, and lessons from the past that can be applied to bring wisdom to governance and vitality to daily life in religious orders and seminaries. Pope Francis also shares pivotal moments from his own path in religious life.

This interview gives insight into the dynamic path of a consecrated vocation. It gives compelling reflections on the Church’s witness and outward reach, reveals the power of consecrated life in the Catholic Church, and shows care for the spiritual good of religious men and women who accept a consecrated vocation.

This book will appeal especially to religious superiors, seminary directors, vocations directors, youth ministers, pastors, those responsible for guiding men and women in religious life, and all Catholics who want to learn more about the path of consecrated life, its presence in the Church and the world, and its unique path of holiness for those who choose it.

Also available in Spanish!
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The Strength of a Vocation - Consecrated Life Today
1295 1165

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