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This test book serves as a companion resource to The Story of Civilization: Volume I, The Ancient World. With this book, students can test their reading comprehension and further educate themselves on the content found in the text.

One quiz corresponds to each chapter in the text book. Questions for each chapter are suitable as a study exercise or as an objective answer test, with an answer key for teachers in the back. The questions include matching items, multiple choice, and true/false. 

The Story of Civilization series is comprised of seven different products and uses the "schoolhouse model" so that kids of all ages can engage with the content and the text. The child will use different products depending on their age. This test book is suggested for middle school-aged chldren. 

SKU/ISBN: 9781505105698 Author: Phillip Campbell Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
The Story of Civilization Test Book - VOLUME I - The Ancient World
1495 1345

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