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By Luis de la Palma

Fr. Luis de la Palma's The Passion book, which has been continuously published for four hundred years, provides an aid for meditating on the Passion. He recreates the events of Jesus' life beginning with Holy Thursday and concluding with the burial of Our Lord and a powerful evocation of the coming resurrection.

It was given to many young men and women by St Josemaria to stir up their hearts and lead them to greater prayer. 

With vivid detail and a constant recognition of the role the Blessed Mother played in those days, Fr. de la Palma's The Sacred Passion helps the reader enter into the Last Supper, the institution of the priesthood and the Eucharist, the arrest of Our Lord, the denial of St. Peter, the trials before Caiaphas and Pilate, the scourging and mocking, and finally, the Crucifixion.

His meditations hew closely to the Gospel accounts, adding to them insights from other scriptures and frequently culminating in fervent prayers to Our Lord and Our Lady. Fr. Luis de la Palma's The Sacred Passion emphasizes that through it all, Jesus was offering Himself to the Father of His own fee will for the salvation of the world.

This book is a striking reminder of the immensity of that offering of love.

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The Sacred Passion
1695 1525

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