Dom Eugene Boylan | Hardcover
1995 1895

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How can a priest become more like Christ? How can a priest maintain his zeal for holiness as his youthful idealism fades away? Numerous books have been written on priestly holiness, yet few apart from The Priest’s Way to God successfully bridge the gap between the age-old traditions of priestly spirituality and the realities in which modern priests live.

First published in 1961 (only a few years before the author’s untimely death), The Priest’s Way to God combines chapters giving practical advice on every facet of the priestly life – prayer, the Holy Mass, and the exercise of virtue. It concludes with short but rich chapters on the theological truths that lie at the root of all spirituality – charity, the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in our soul, and total union with Christ. It is a summary of the message with which Dom Eugene Boylan sought to inspire priests and laity alike – that all are called to holiness, and are given the means and the graces to attain it as long as we cooperate with God.

SKU/ISBN: 9781905574926 Author: Dom Eugene Boylan Publisher: Baronius Press
The Priest's Way to God
1995 1895

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