Most Rev. Philip J. Furlong | Paperback
2100 1890

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The story of America begins in the Old World, for the first American settlers came from Europe, bringing their heritage with them to the New World. The Old World and America, a popular and beloved middle-school history text, documents the Western World from the beginning of mankind through ancient times—emphasizing Greek and Roman civilization—Christ’s coming and the founding of the Church, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, to the discovery of the New World and its exploration.

Not only does this textbook recount the events which led history from the beginning to the discovery of the New World, but it also details the various civilizations upon which our Western world is built—primarily, the culture of the Catholic Church and its vital influence on both the Old World and the New.

Includes study questions, tests, and topics for discussion. (394 pgs., PB.)

SKU/ISBN: 9780895552020 Author: Most Rev. Philip J. Furlong Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
The Old World and America
2100 1890

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