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THE LITANY OF LORETO originates many generations back in Church history and popular devotion continuously added appellations of Mary as an expression of thanksgiving, honor, or petition. Even in modern times, the number of titles given to the Blessed Virgin Mary continues to grow, with approvals of new titles by two of the last three popes.

This book on the Litany summarizes the origin of the present 53 titles. The explanations help deepen one’s Marian piety while also learning about the history of the Church and Mary’s constant and powerful help in protecting and advancing it. Those who pray the Litany of Loreto after reciting the Rosary will be enriched by learning more about each of these titles of the Blessed Mother.

SKU/ISBN: 9781594174384 Author: Maureen Mullins Publisher: Scepter Publishers
The Litany of Loreto: How It Came to Be
1795 987

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