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By Carissa Douglas

A Sneak Peek "A Saintly Mystery"

The seven oldest of the Douglas siblings are sent to help their three eccentric great aunts settle into their new home. Their home ends up being a castle! The castle is filled with secret passageways and holds a mysterious past. Led by their new friend, beloved St. John Henry Newman, the children will unravel a spiritual mystery and equip themselves with spiritual gifts to face a cunning and manipulative villain who has been leading vulnerable souls into his lair of illusion.

Author Bio

Carissa Douglas lives in Georgina, Ontario with her husband, Patrick and their fourteen children. Author and illustrator of the Little Douglings series, she has a passion for creating works that help young people grow closer to Christ, discover the beauty of the Catholic Faith, and live out their lives to the fullest!


ISBN: 9781594174032

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Size: 5.25 x 8

Format: PaperBack

Pages: 284

SKU/ISBN: 9781594174032 Publisher: Scepter Publishers
The Lair of Illusion
1495 1345

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