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As part of the Holy Land Pilgrim Kit, the Pilgrim Handbook is an essential guide for making a pilgrimage and praying at the holy sites. The handbook features historical information, Gospel readings, spiritual meditations, reflection questions, prayers, and photographs for the main holy sites to help you have a profound encounter with Christ before, during, and after the pilgrimage.

As you visit each holy site, the handbook will assist in preparing you for the graces of your pilgrimage:

  • A remembrance of the landmarks: What did you see? What happened in this place? What physical details will you remember? What will you tell your family and friends about this place?
  • Inspirations and Intentions: What did you hear and learn that inspired you? Whom and what did you pray for?
  • Resolutions: What is God asking of you? From what you learned in this sacred place, draw conclusions that will help you in your spiritual life.

At the end of your pilgrimage, the handbook will be a keepsake of your memories of the profound personal experience of meeting Jesus Christ in the same places where his first disciples did over 2000 years ago. And, your pilgrimage will become an unforgettable journey that will help to deepen and nourish your relationship with God for the rest of your life.

SKU/ISBN: 9781948139533 Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum
The Holy Land : An Encounter with Jesus Christ Pilgrim Handbook
3400 3060

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