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Full of awesome and gruesome scenes that seem to provoke more fear than faith, the Book of Revelation is often read as a roadmap through the doom and gloom of the end time. Correctly understood, however, this grand finale of the New Testament is aloud and clear call to conversion as well as a message of hope and consolation for Christians of every age.Catherine Cory carefully explains the variety of Visions that unfold in kaleidoscopic fashion throughout the book. Scenes from the Old Testament form collages that convey the central theme; namely, that God is in control and evil is being conquered. The breathtaking conclusion resounds with God's promise, Behold, I make all things new."Cory's lucid style reveals the true message of the Book of Revelation.Catherine Ann Cory, PhD, is an associate professor in the theology department, at the University of Saint Thomas, St.Paul, Minnesota.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814628850 Author: Catherine Ann Cory Publisher: Liturgical Press
The Book of Revelation: Volume 12
995 896

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