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If we want to know who Jesus is, then we have to discover what his friends said and wrote about him. We can find detailed accounts of Jesus' life—including the signs and wonders he performed—in the Gospels. They show us what Jesus cared about, how he treated people, and what he thought was most important in life. What better way to explore who Jesus is, or deepen the relationship we already have with him, than to reflect on these accounts?

The Evangelical Catholic ministry created this guide to encourage everyone, even if they are not believers, to have a personal encounter with Jesus in the Scriptures. The six sessions include some of the most dramatic Gospels episodes: the wedding at Cana, Jesus walking on water, and the raising of the little girl who had died. The questions that follow spark discussion in small groups or thoughtful consideration for readers, allowing each person to come to a deeper understanding of Jesus—and why people choose to follow him.

  • Weekly spiritual exercises between sessions help participants meet Christ in both prayer and the sacraments.

  • Detailed "How-to" guides included for both facilitators and participants.

SKU/ISBN: 9781593252960 Author: Evangelical Catholic Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Sign and Wonders: Encountering Jesus of Nazareth
1295 1165

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