Donald B. Cozzens, Len Sperry | Paperback
1695 1525

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"Would removing the celibacy requirement really eliminate priest pedophilia?" ?Won't tough corrective measures such as a ?zero tolerance policy? only exacerbate the priest shortage?? These questions reflect the kind of concerns many of us are thinking and talking about lately. Despite the ongoing media coverage of sexual impropriety in the Church, there is relatively little known about sexuality issues involving priests. Sex, Priestly Ministry, and the Church provides an objective and authoritative account of psychosexual development in priests and key background information on the many sexual issues facing the Church today. It is a concise, comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource of the most current information needed to understand these sexual issues and controversies and make reasoned, responsible decisions.Chapters under Part I: Essential Facts: Psychosexual Development are ?Sex and Sexuality: Everything You Need to Know,? ?The Process of Psychosexual Development,? and ?Sexuality, Intimacy and Celibacy.? Chapters under Part II: Essential Facts: Sexual Misconduct are ?Determinants of Ministry Health and Sexual Misconduct,? ?Abusiveness and Sexual Misconduct,? ?Narcissism, Sexuality and Sexual Misconduct,? and ?Priest Sexual Misconduct with Children, Adolescents and Adults.? Chapters under Part III: Pressing Sexual Issues are ?Selecting Suitable Candidates for the Priesthood,? ?Homosexuality and the Priesthood,? ?Decisions About Removing Priests,? and ?Preventing Sexual Misconduct in Ministry.?

SKU/ISBN: 9780814629673 Author: Donald B. Cozzens, Len Sperry Publisher: Liturgical Press
Sex, Priestly Ministry, and the Church
1695 1525

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