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By Carissa Douglas

The fourth book in the Douglings Adventures series. 

The Douglas family experiences another epic adventure, this time in the ancient Vatican City. There, in the company of St. John Paul II, they explore in, around, and under St. Peter’s Basilica to unearth hidden treasures, surprising discoveries, and a terrifying serpent ready to destroy everything that is holy! With the help of their special saint, a knowledgeable friend, some miraculous objects, and their own quick-witted determination, the siblings work their way through each challenge face an evil that has been festering in the dark recesses of the Vatican Necropolis.

Author Bio

Carissa Douglas lives in Georgina, Ontario with her husband, Patrick and their fifteen children. Author and illustrator of the Little Douglings series, she has a passion for creating works that help young people grow closer to Christ, discover the beauty of the Catholic Faith, and live out their lives to the fullest!


ISBN: 9781594175138

Product #: 75138

Size: 5.25 x 8

Format: Paperback

Pages: 290

SKU/ISBN: 9781594175138 Publisher: Scepter Publishers
Serpent in the Scavi
2095 1886

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