Richard Antall | Paperback
1695 1017

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Father Bill Laughlin’s Saturday begins ominously at 6 a.m. with an unsettling call from the would-be bridegroom — insisting upon a meeting, immediately, with his ex-bride-to-be.

What follows is a confusion of misleading signage, misheard instructions, misguided guests, and misanthropic thoughts. The day tumbles and stumbles on, moved forward by armed threats from the would-be groom, liquor-fueled madness, and the energy and idiosyncrasies of ordinary parishioners.

It ends … well, as with life itself, you’ll see where it ends, and it will probably surprise you.

SKU/ISBN: 9780997821581 Author: Richard Antall Publisher: Lambing Press
The Wedding
1695 1017

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