Joyce Rupp, Robert J. Wicks | Hardcover
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Blending insights from Christian contemplative practice and Buddhist mindfulness, Dr. Robert J. Wicks—well-known speaker, therapist, and spiritual guide—introduces what he calls "prayerfulness," a way of being truly in the present to experience God and life in dynamic new ways. Wicks offers a rich array of insights including seven practical steps, a thirty-day retreat, and a Spiritual Mindfulness Questionnaire. This creative combination of ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology is designed to help readers develop a loving, clear, and spiritually balanced outlook.

Sample questions from the Spiritual Mindfulness Questionnaire:

    • In your own life, how do you approach the people you meet and the ordinary activities of each day so that they become sacred?
    • What preoccupies you in ways that seem to prevent you from seeing God?
    • Are you someone who listens to others, or do you find that much of the time you are simply hearing them out while waiting for your opportunity to speak?
    • What unfinished business from the past seems to continually intrude upon your present peace, and how do you address it in a prayerful way?
    • When and how do you regularly meditate?
SKU/ISBN: 9781933495200 Author: Joyce Rupp, Robert J. Wicks Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Prayerfulness: Awakening to the Fullness of Life
2000 1800

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