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“The best possible experience of life comes from following Christ. I should know, because I have the best life of anyone I know! The only way to disprove me is to follow Christ and see whether or not I’m right.” Father Gary Caster knows that there can be a confusing number of devotional practices in Catholicism; attending Mass, praying the Rosary, tithing, fasting, performing the Sacraments—all are important, but checking obligations off a list is not the way to a nourished soul. In Prayer Everywhere: The Spiritual Life Made Simple, Father Gary strips Catholicism down to Jesus’s core command: that we let Himlove us. 

Regardless of his own fragility, weakness and sin, Father Gary expects to enter the gates of heaven with a band playing, “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Why? Because he relies on and accept God’s promises, His mercy, and love. He wants for himself what God wants for him; in fact, he wills what God has promised him. This lies at the heart of how he lives his life with Christ and serves Him as a priest. He hopes that at the end of this book it will lie at the heart of your relationship with Christ, too—and that for the rest of your life, you will just let Him love you.

Simple, of course, is not the same as easy. Jesus made it abundantly clear that we do not follow Him as individuals alone; we follow Him as companions. Every human activity and endeavor, no matter how grand or seemingly insignificant, can flow from and express our relationship with Christ. In this practical, conversational and accessible guide, you’ll learn to open the whole of your life to Christ and intentionally make him a vital part of everything you do.

Within the recesses of every human heart is a longing that only God can satisfy. You are the most important work that Jesus is up to, so why not let Him be at work in you?

SKU/ISBN: 9781632532510 Author: Fr. Gary Caster Publisher: Franciscan Media & Servant Books
Prayer Everywhere: The Spiritual Life Made Simple
1499 1349

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