St. Paul Evangelization Institute | Softcover
1695 1525

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"Healing." The word brings hope and fear all at the same time. We hope for it, for ourselves or a loved one, and yet we fear that in our case, God may not hear and answer our prayer. When Jesus walked the earth, he healed people all the time. His desire was to, through physical healing, bring people to know and love his Father. In this new book by Steve Dawson and Mark Hornbacher, from Saint Paul Evangelization Institute, the authors make the case that God still heals people and, like in Jesus’ time, he uses healing to bring people to know him and love him and transform their lives. God has more for us . . . much more. This book will show you how!


SKU/ISBN: 9781593250058 Author: St. Paul Evangelization Institute Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Ordinary Christians, Extraordinary Signs: Healing in Evangelization
1695 1525

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