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This collection of texts for the Prayers of the Faithful covers Sundays and major feasts for all three cycles of the liturgical year as well as Prayers of the Faithful for ritual Masses. Reflecting the themes and language of the Sunday or feast's Lectionary readings, each prayer text includes an introduction for the presider; petitions for both the universal and local Church, for those who lead and serve the Church, the nation, and the community, for the special needs of others (e.g., families, the poor, and the sick), and for the faithful departed; and the celebrant's closing collect. As prayers of the faithful belong to the community of faithful, this book can also be used as a guide by leaders and planners of worship to write and offer their own community's prayers for the coming of your kingdom, where you live and reign forever.Several features have been added to assist in reading: The text is broken into sense lines. In some places key words that should be emphasized appear in italics. The year (A, B, or C), week or feast (such as the First Sunday of Advent), and Reading references for that day (with a verse that captures the theme) head the prayers. The type is large and readable. A ribbon marker allows you to mark your page. The book's design makes it appropriate for use in the sanctuary.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814621660 Author: Jay Cormier Publisher: Liturgical Press
Lord, Hear Our Prayer: The Prayer of the Faithful for Sundays, Holy Days, and Ritual Masses
6995 4197

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