Anne Y. Koester | Paperback
1995 1795

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Liturgical celebrations and the work of justice are tightly woven threads of the same cloth. The essays in Liturgy and Justice explore this intrinsic relationship and its promise for the ongoing renewal of church life. The authors write about the vision of the modern liturgical and social reformers, building just communities, reuniting worship and justice, globalization, rural life, church leadership, women in the Church, justice and prayer in Latino and African American communities, liturgy as a school of discipleship, forming catechumens as disciples, the catechesis of liturgy-justice, preparing just liturgies, and preaching justice. Authentic discipleship demands that the already existing relationship between our liturgy and our mission as ministers of justice be lived. Those serving in all areas of church ministry will find this book helpful in striving for justice in the Christian life. Essays and contributors are "Liturgy and Justice: The Legacy that Awaits Us," by Gilbert Ostdiek, OFM; “Rehearsing the Reign of God by Building Just Communities,” by Eleanor Josaitis and Msgr. William Linder; “Worship and Justice Reunited,” by Walter J. Burghardt, SJ; “People of Faith and Global Citizens: Eucharist and Globalization,” by John P. Hogan; “The Lord's Table, the World’s Hunger: Liturgy, Justice and Rural Life,” by Br. David Andrews, CSC; “Church Leadership Today: Building Right Relationships,” by Zeni Fox; “The Injustice of the Lack of Justice for Women in Liturgy,” by Frances B. O’Connor, CSC; “Justice and Prayer in Latino Communities in the United States,” by Daniel Lizárraga; “Liturgy as a Liberating Force,” by C. Vanessa White; “Liturgy as the Church’s Spirituality: A School of Discipleship,” by Mary Alice Piil, CSJ; “Initiation: Forming Disciples for Christ’s Mission in the World,” by James M. Schellman; “Weaving Together Liturgy, Justice, and Catechesis,” by John Roberto; “Forming Youth for Justice and Worship,” by Tom East; “Milling the Wheat, Crushing the Grapes: Justice in Liturgical Preparation,” by Godfrey Mullen, OSB; “Steadfast in Faith, Joyful in Hope, Untiring in Love: Preaching Everyday Mysteries,” by Del Staigers; and “Response to the Michael Mathis Award,” by R. Kevin Seasoltz, OSB

SKU/ISBN: 9780814627914 Author: Anne Y. Koester Publisher: Liturgical Press
Liturgy and Justice: To Worship God in Spirit and Truth
1995 1795

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