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“Years ago, I started having my young children practice silent time each day. They loved the story of Elijah and the still, small voice, and we’d talk about it in the same way this book does.”


Written with a deep understanding of children and their precious spirituality, Listening to God: Silence Practice for Little Ones is the perfect way to help your children begin learning to listen to the voice of God. The practice of silence and prayer, as shown in the example of the great prophet Elijah, is something that your children will depend on throughout their whole lives. This book is the perfect way to show them how to begin!


Designed as a classic children’s book, this work is intended to be read over and over, teaching your children—as well as the reader!— the importance of spending time in silence with God. Katie Warner, author of numerous wonderful children’s books each year, explains that she experienced the same thing with her children: “At first, our silent time training only lasted a minute. Then two, three, four minutes and more—a building block to future holy hours that our little ones will spend in the chapel or at home listening for God’s voice and getting to know their Savior and Best Friend.”


God calls us and our children to be saints—this book will help your children start their journey early and give them spiritual tools to use for a lifetime!


Give your child this priceless gift and give it early, as it is one that will reap eternal rewards—for what can give us a greater reward in this life than an early cultivation in the art of prayer & silence?

SKU/ISBN: 9781505118926 Author: Katie Warner Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
Listening for God: Silence Practice for Little Ones
1695 1017

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