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Those who use Mass guides and liturgical books as they participate in the liturgy find on almost every page directives on how the liturgy is to be ministered by the priest, deacon, and other ministers and how the assembly is to participate. These rubrics traditionally are printed in red so as to contrast with the liturgical texts.Let Us Pray gives helpful explanations for the principal rubrics for a typical Sunday Mass. Paul Turner reflects on the place of ritual within the context of Catholic piety and then explores the regulations governing the furnishings, vestments, and ministers of the Mass. He walks us through the entire Mass from the entrance procession to the dismissal. Amply documented, Let Us Pray allows the reader to understand the regulations. It is cross-referenced to answer most questions about the Sunday ritual.If you are wondering about rubrics concerning the sanctuary furniture, the candles and flowers, the blessing and sprinkling of water, proclaiming the readings, the preparation of the gifts, Let Us Pray has the answers.Father Paul Turner, S.T.D., is pastor of Saint Munchin Parish in Cameron, Missouri, and its mission Saint Aloysius in Maysville. He is also the author of Ages of Initiation published by Liturgical Press.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814662137 Author: Paul Turner Publisher: Pueblo Books
Let Us Pray: A Guide to the Rubrics of Sunday Mass
2395 2155

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