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What does the New Testament tell us about Jesus as the agent of God's love for humankind?

Throughout the decades, a host of books has addressed this fundamental question of Christianity. Now leading biblical scholar Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., sheds abundant new light upon it by revealing how the New Testament writers understand that to see Jesus is to see the Father.

He demonstrates how listening to the testimony of the pertinent biblical texts in their literary and historical contexts, then drawing out their theological lessons, reveals the Father's love for us in Christ.

The key topics explored in this book include:

  • Revealer and Revelation of God's Love (Gospel of John)
  • Teacher of Love (Synoptic Gospels)
  • The Heart of the Gospels: the Paschal Mystery (Pauline writings)
  • Proof of God's Love (Hebrews and 1 Peter)
  • Ground of Hope (Revelation)

Unique to this work are the "Think, Pray, and Act" sections at the end of every chapter. This is where scholarship meets daily life, as you are invited to reflect not only upon the information you've read but on how it should impact the way you live.

Laypeople and pastors alike will profit from this informed, authoritative, yet accessible work.

SKU/ISBN: 9781592767588 Author: Daniel J. Harrington, SJ Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Jesus, the Revelation of the Father's Love
995 896

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