Merton/Simsic | Softcover
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Thomas Merton, a twentieth-century Trappist monk, wrote passionately about spirituality in a way that speaks to the hearts of men and women today. Merton’s gift to all of us is this simple message: the contemplative experience, which uncovers our unity with the Lord and a new vision of life, is not only for monks but for all Christians. This collection highlights the main themes of Merton's contemplative journey: the search for freedom; prayer of the heart; solitude and silence; love of nature; community life; and work, among others. Guided by his wisdom and insight, readers can uncover their own unique path inward and receive the gift of the contemplative experience.

SKU/ISBN: 9781593250850 Author: Merton/Simsic Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Invitation to the Contemplative Life, An
1295 1165

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