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Introduction to Catholicism for Adults is a book that sets out the basics of why we are here and where we are going. Every baptized person has been called personally to serve God and love his neighbor. The goal of our lives is personal sanctity, and the destination is Heaven. Jesus established his Church to map out the way for everyone, and he left his Holy Spirit to guarantee that the Church will not fail in that role. This book is a part of your journey on the road to sanctity. Seek to understand its message so that you will be able to complete the journey in the way Jesus desires in the time he has given you. It is said that the human soul loves adventure, and your life will indeed present many opportunities for adventure. Remember why you are here, what the great goal is, and take as your motto, “Sanctity will be my most important adventure.”

—From the Introduction

Introduction to Catholicism for Adults presents a complete overview of the Catholic Faith, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, the lives of the saints, the Fathers of the Church, and the teachings of Vatican II and other magisterial documents. It is ideal for RCIA, adult study classes, or anyone looking to broaden his or her knowledge of the Faith.

Twenty-five chapters, topics include:

• The Holy Catholic Church
• The Blessed Trinity
• The Paschal Mystery
• The Blessed Virgin Mary
• The Sacraments and Prayer
• Christian Morality and the Universal Call to Holiness
• Social Doctrine

SKU/ISBN: 9781936045884 Author: James Socias Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum
Introduction to Catholicism for Adults (Hardcover)
3500 3325

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