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1595 1435

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As founding abbot of Clairvaux, Bernard's giftedness and good judgment made him an often-sought resource by both church and secular powers, and in that capacity, he was sometimes delightful and sometimes dismaying to those who encountered him.But when it comes to prayer, says Maureen F. McCabe, OCSO, Bernard can only delight. Anyone who gives him a chance will discover teachings full of unction and spiritual discernment. He draws us to continual prayer through an unshakable confidence in the One who believes in our capacity to love without limits, no matter what state we're in or stage we're at. He stirs us to continual gratitude for and reflection upon the mercies of the Lord, especially in his passion. Bernard, says Mother Maureen, is truly a father—father of the church and father of souls. In I Am the Way, she endeavors above all to allow Bernard's voice to be heard in all its resonance and penetration.

SKU/ISBN: 9780879070281 Author: Maureen McCabe, OCSO Publisher: Cistercian Publications
I Am the Way: Stages of Prayer in Saint Bernard
1595 1435

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