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You CAN understand annulment. You just need a little help!

You never wanted this to happen, but now you're civilly divorced. There's no such thing as Catholic divorce because in God's eyes a valid marriage can never be broken. But sometimes what looks like a marriage from the outside can be fatally flawed from the beginning.

Only God can see deeply into the human heart. He knows how human frailty and weakness, and inabilities of some people to enter into marriage freely and fully despite their best attempts. After careful study of such an attempted union, the Church may be able to declare that no valid marriage bond was created. And this book will help you understand the process.

Regardless of your situation, the Church is here to help and you don t have to be a priest or canon lawyer to understand the basics. This little book with big help dispels the common myths and misunderstandings about marriage, divorce, and annulments, and is helpful for:
  • - Divorced men and women who are considering if they have grounds for an annulment
  • - Those who need help completing their formal petition for a Decree of Nullity (annulment)
  • - Lay or religious ministers who work with the separated and divorced
  • - Parish priests and deacons involved in divorce ministry
  • - Those who counsel divorced Catholics
  • - Anyone who wants to know more about what the Church really teaches about divorce

"I was afraid of the annulment process at first, but found it incredibly healing and even freeing. I learned so much about myself and was able to forgive my ex-spouse and ask for forgiveness as well." - Patty

"I had no idea of what the Church really taught about marriage and divorce. I thought I did, but I was blown away when I learned the truth. Going through the annulment process actually made me hunger to know more of my Catholic faith." - Jim

ROSE SWEET is a popular speaker and author of numerous books on divorce, annulment, and remarriage. Rose serves as a lay advocate in her local diocesan tribunal and assists those who are considering annulment. She s also the producer of the landmark DVD series, The Catholic s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide. Rose lives in California.
SKU/ISBN: 9781935302605 Author: Rose Sweet Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
How to Understand & Petition for Your Decree of Nullity - A Little Book with Big Help
1295 1165

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