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This study considers what Christian worship has meant to its contemporaries across the centuries. It treats different episodes in the history of the Christian Church and applies to each episode the questions: ·Why did Christians go to church? ·Why worship? ·What happened to Christians there, substantively and otherwise, and how did they respond?With these particular queries as well as passages from contemporary theological and liturgical texts as a starting-point, Cheung Salisbury carefully explores the evidence for the functions of Christian worship. He argues that the purpose and function of worship in Christian life has never been static and the particular approach of different periods to the liturgy has been moderated by wider cultural influences, by theological developments and changes, and by the particular circumstances in which the worship was carried out.Cheung Salisbury proposes that the various forms of worship through the centuries and the understanding of liturgy and worship among and upon Christians demonstrates the variety of ways that Christian living operates in service of God.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814663073 Author: Matthew Cheung Salisbury Publisher: Pueblo Books
Hear My Voice, O God: Functional Dimensions of Christian Worship
2495 2245

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