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Today's parents consistently struggle to meet their deadlines and check off their "to-do" lists, and are often stressed, exhausted, and lamenting. This often results in well-meaning parents putting off their children's faithformation for "another time" or relying on others to teach their children.

This book is uniquely suited to come to their rescue. Feeding Your Family's Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality is a vital tool to enable parents to transform a regular dinner time into a prayerful faith lesson for their elementary school to high school aged children. It will indeed help to fulfill the Catholic Church's vision for evangelization in the family and beyond, especially the role of the family in catechesis.

Through 52 funand creative faith lessons (one for each week of the year), this one-of-a-kind book will encourage parents and caregivers to seize theopportunity in teaching the Catholic faith to the children (the captive audience waiting to eat!) while gathered at the dinner table, and while reminding them of the value of coming together as a family to break bread and share hearts.

"A daily dinnertime treat. Many families are missing real conversations and real connectivity to each other and to God at the dinner table, and this book is the solution."
—Regina Lordan, Catholic News Service


From The Catholic Connection:

"As Lent approached this year, I struggled not with what I would give up, but with what Icould do to bring my faith more fully into my daily life. It's easy to mutter a prayer at bedtime. It's much harder to carve out a time in my busy life to actively learn more about my faith and share it with my family.

As I prayed about it, a reviewcopy of Feeding Your Family's Soul by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle found its way onto my desk. After a quick flip-through, I knew this book was my answer.

Feeding Your Family's Soul is meant to be a tool for re- claiming your dinnertime and your spiritual life with your family. Broken into 52 chapters, one for each week of the year, O'Boyle asks that you bring this book to the dinner table. Each chapter contains tools for Catholic family centered catechesis: a prayer to be read aloud by a family member; a "Dinner Table Teaching;" reflection questions that invite response from the whole family; a closing prayer to pray together and a prayer to pray throughout the week during dinner. There is also a Theme Extension option, which includes a tangible way for family members to live their faith during the week. And as a fun bonus, this book is chock full of delicious recipes!

Topics covered in the book range from saintly wisdom to Gospel lessons and practical ways to live your faith everyday to explanations of sometimesconfusing aspects of the Catholic Church like the Communion of Saints, for example. Recipes too range from pizza and cookies, to salmon and side dishes — most with an eye to picky eaters.

And lest you think this book is just meant for young children, be assured that the prayers and discussions are applicable for toddlers to teenagers and yes, even we parents who sometimesthink we already know it all.

Feeding Your Family's Soul is a fantastic tool for helping to meet the spiritual needs of all the hearts in yourhome."

Watch Donna-Marie talk about the importance of family catechesis on EWTN!

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SKU/ISBN: 9781612618357 Author: Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle Publisher: Paraclete Press
Feeding Your Family's Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality
1599 1439

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