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What better rule for organizing your prayer life than the Church’s ancient liturgical calendar? And what better guide to unpacking the riches of that Catholic rhythm of seasons and feasts than the Fathers of the Church?

Feasts of Our Fathers is a one-stop companion for praying and meditating through the holy days and seasons with help from the wisdom of the Fathers. Mike Aquilina and Adam Lucas have combed through countless volumes of patristic texts to curate a collection of pithy passages from the holy writers and leaders of the early Church that will enrich your experience of Lent, Advent, major solemnities and lesser-known feasts, and more.

Combining these passages with suggested prayers, insights, and interesting facts and lessons about the development of Catholic traditions and practices, Feasts of Our Fathers will take your prayer life—and your sense of solidarity with the Church, past and present—to a new level.

Leatherette version.

"This book is a treasure of spiritual wisdom from the first generations of the Church. Reading and praying with this book reminds us that in Jesus Christ, even the calendar has been sanctified, that every day is holy to the Lord, and that our lives are part of the beautiful story of love that is being written in salvation history. The early Christians lived “feast to feast” and spoke of “redeeming the time,” using every moment to give glory to God. This is still the best way for a Christian to live. This book can help us." - Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

SKU/ISBN: 9781683573401 Author: Mike Aquilina Publisher: Catholic Answers
Feasts of Our Fathers: Praying the Church Year with the Early Christians
2495 2246

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