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From the moment he died, people all over the world began to call upon St. Josemaria Escriva. Rome received more than 120,000 signed claims to favors obtained through his intercession. This book contains a broad range of those testimonies including first-person accounts of people rescued from:

  • Alcoholism, heroin addiction, and other addictions;
  • Broken marriages and infidelity;
  • Broken families and estrangements between parents and children;
  • Infertility and difficult pregnancies;
  • Loneliness and inability to find a mate;
  • Suicidal depression, anorexia, and other devastating emotional problems;
  • Destructive desires for vengeance;
  • Grinding poverty, unemployment, and destitution;
  • Malignant tumors, high fever, paralysis, hepatitis-B, AIDS, and other diseases;
  • Poisonous spider bites, ant bites, and other afflictions of nature;
  • False accusation of homicide and other legal troubles;
  • Fires and other natural disasters; and
  • Violence.

St. Josemaria Escrivá was born in Spain in 1902 and was ordained a priest in 1926. In 1928, he received the divine inspiration to found Opus Dei, a Catholic organization of lay people and priests who try to grow close to God through their ordinary lives. St. Josemaria died in 1975 and was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.

SKU/ISBN: 9781594170041 Author: Flavio Capucci Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum
Favors of Saint Josemaria Escriva
1200 1080

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