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You'll hear it in news coverage of the Church scandals - Clerical Culture" - but what does it mean? In Clerical Culture: Contradiction and Transformation Michael L. Papesh provides an understanding for today's clerical system and present circumstances. Papesh describes the origin and contemporary formation of the clerical culture as well as eleven major contradictions in which today's clerical culture is trapped. To transcend these crises, Papesh calls for a spiritual approach to cultural transformation (both clerical and popular) through leadership: in holiness, in love, and in justice. Written in an engaging style and complete with raw data and appendices, Clerical Culture provides the knowledge needed to understand today's Church crisis.Chapters in Part One, Focusing the Issues are: *A Personal Story, - *The Problem, - *How the Clerical Culture Came to Be, - *The Clerical Culture: Set for the Ages, - and *Theological Underpinnings. - Chapters in Part Two, The Contradictions are: *Priestly Formation, - *Priest Accountability, - *A Priest's Personal Support System, - and *Living a Contradictory Life. - Chapters in Part Three, Considerations Toward Transformation are: *Cultural Transformation, - *Being Leaders in Holiness, - *Being Leaders in Love, - *Being Leaders in Justice, - and *The Spirit and the Bride Say 'Come'. - Also includes *Appendix 1: Cleveland Priests' Hopes and Concerns Based on Three Areas of Challenge, - *Appendix 2: Cleveland Priests' Large-Group Discussion Task Force Charges, - *Appendix 3: Summary: The Basic Plan for Ongoing Formation of Priests, - *Appendix 4: The Organizational Life Cycle: Change Grid, - and a Bibliography.Michael L. Papesh is Pastor of Our Lady of Peace Parish in St.Paul, Minnesota."

SKU/ISBN: 9780814630013 Author: Michael L. Papesh Publisher: Liturgical Press
Clerical Culture: Contradiction and Transformation
1695 1525

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