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This new concise Butler's provides an essay on one saint for each day of the month, using the twelve-volume full edition of Butler's Lives of the Saints as a source. Selections are made from both categories of Saint" and *Blessed - - canonized and beatified, allowing for the increasing proportion of women and of new- and third-world holy people.Completely rewritten in a popular style, this volume also has more *spiritual - appeal than the full edition. A prayer and intercessory reflection is included after each entry, which lend themselves to family or small-group meditation as well as to individual devotion. The volume also suggests baptismal/confirmation names for the day's commemorations or for inclusion in prayers.Paul Burns is the general editor of theButler's Lives of the Saints series published by Liturgical Press.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814629031 Author: Paul Burns Publisher: Liturgical Press
Butler's Lives of the Saints: New Concise Edition
3995 2397

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