Rev. Fr. Antoine Bakh, Daniel J. Daou, Joseph Bakhos | Paperback
1495 1345

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This compelling explanation of the Catholic faith focuses on seven topics that are hardest hit by competing modern world-views.

Written by two returning Catholics and the priest who inspired them, this book lays a strong scriptural foundation for the Church teachings on the Trinity, the Eucharist, and the Church, as well as Catholic teachings regarding salvation, confession, purgatory, and Mary. Seven appendices also deal with questions pressing all Christians, including Genesis and evolution, science and faith, and the Catholic understanding of saints and relics. As such, this book provides a refuge for anyone who would like to encounter the real Christ and experience a personal relationship with him.

More readable than a typical catechism, each chapter of Building on a Solid Foundation also provides a list of relevant scripture citations (useful for Bible studies), as well as excerpts from early Christian writings (A.D 100-749) that affirm the amazing two-thousand-year continuity of Church teaching and witness to the Truth.

SKU/ISBN: 9781930314047 Author: Rev. Fr. Antoine Bakh, Daniel J. Daou, Joseph Bakhos Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
Building on a Solid Foundation - Examining 7 Topics of the Catholic Faith
1495 1345

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