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1895 1327

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 When Carlo Acutis became "Blessed Carlo Acutis" in Assisi on October 10, 2020, it was unlike any other beatification in history.


His mother, father, and 10-year-old twin siblings attended the beatification,
along with several of his friends from junior high and high school!

Carlo died suddenly at age 15, but then appeared in a dream to his mother saying,
"I will be beatified soon, and shortly after, canonized a saint."
Get this book--and dive into the amazing life of a teenage boy who died in 2006--and has already begun to intercede with miracles from Heaven!
You'll follow along, step-by-step, the methodical process the Catholic Church follows to determine who is in Heaven, and the miracles which revealed that Carlo was already there. 
Extensively researched and incorporating details from official Church documents and personal interviews with Blessed Carlo's mother, you'll learn:
  • What miracles astounded him so much that he created a website to share them with the world?
  • What simple habits did he incorporate into his life, plus the weaknesses he struggled with?
  • What did he call his "kit" for becoming a saint, which fits the lives of modern children and teens?
  • What was the miracle--7 years to the day of his death--which led to the beatification?
  • What still remains before the Church can recognize him as "Saint Carlo Acutis"?

If your child has ever wondered, "how does someone become a Saint?" then this is the book for them!

"This book is a masterpiece of saint's life writing! Blessed Carlo comes alive through the pictures on every page, the interviews with his mother, and the details of his beatification!" (Elizabeth)

"My middle school students are obsessed with Bl. Carlo Acutis- and with good reason! More than just a biography, the book also includes practical explanations of the canonization process, growing in holiness, and more." (Katie)

"Fascinating to kids. Holy Heroes hit it out of the park with this one—equal parts bio, prayer book, and apologetics for how the Church determines sainthood." (Mary)

SKU/ISBN: 9781936330980 Author: Sabrina Arena Ferrisi Publisher: Holy Heroes
Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven
1895 1327

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