Edited by Janet E. Rutherford and James O'Brien
2595 2336

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The proceedings of the Fourth Fota International Liturgy Conference, contained in this volume, examine the approach of Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger to understanding and appreciating the Roman Missal as one of the central texts of Catholic Worship. There is a specific focus on the contribution of Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger in clarifying the dogmatic foundations of the liturgy, particularly of the Eucharistic Celebration; on his contribution to the renewal of the liturgy (specifically of the Roman Missal) since the Second Vatican Council; and in light of Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger’s theological understanding of the form of the Mass, its implications towards resolving contemporary questions which have arisen with regard to the Roman Missal.

SKU/ISBN: 9781846823718 Author: Edited by Janet E. Rutherford and James O'Brien Publisher: Scepter Publishers
Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal
2595 2336

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