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Bedtime Prayers offers two collections of prayer, one that is for parents or caregivers to pray with babies and toddlers as they fall asleep and the other is for children themselves to pray at bedtime. The prayers pertain to common moments in a family's daily life. The bedtime prayers thank God for blessings received or call upon God to remember them, their relatives, friends, and those in the greater community who are sick or who are in need.The prayers include those for the safety of the baby, for the baby's caregivers, that the baby will sleep well, and always be loved. Prayers for older children include those for the child's grandparents, for a parent or sibling who is ill, for teachers, and for friends.Fr. Jean-Yves Garneau, SSS, since 1959, has served the Diocese of Montreal and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament as a professor of liturgy, pastoral minister, author, and editor.

SKU/ISBN: 9780814628904 Author: Jean-Yves Garneau Publisher: Liturgical Press
Bedtime Prayers
695 660

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