John R. Dunlap | Paperback
1995 1496

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This long-awaited volume provides an answer key to the drills and exercises contained in each of the units of John F. Collins's bestselling A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin. Written for those charged with the responsibility of teaching the Latin of the church, the primer aims to give the student—within one year of study—the ability to read ecclesiastical Latin. Thirty-five instructional units provide the grammar and vocabulary, and supplemental readings offer a survey of church Latin from the fourth century to the Middle Ages. Included is the Latin of Jerome's Bible, of canon law, of the liturgy and papal bulls, of scholastic philosophers, and of the Ambrosian hymns.

SKU/ISBN: 9780813214696 Author: John R. Dunlap Publisher: CUA Press
An Answer Key to A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin: A Supplement to the Text by John F. Collins
1995 1496

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