V. Steven Parrish, Ph.D. | Paperback
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In A Story of the Psalms, V. Steven Parrish relates the book of Psalms and pastoral ministry and sets together recent developments in reading Psalms and current studies of largely North American congregations. In relating Israel's story of emergence, establishment, collapse, and reemergence Parrish explains how in these multiple and often competing conversations we might also hear the Word of God to help today?s congregations in their struggles for identity and purpose. Chapters are "A Story of the Psalms," ?Emergence,? ?Establishment,? ?Collapse,? and ?Reemergence.?

SKU/ISBN: 9780814629062 Author: V. Steven Parrish, Ph.D. Publisher: Liturgical Press
A Story of the Psalms: Conversation, Canon, and Congregation
1495 1345

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