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A Little Catholic's First Rosary Book: A Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book

4th in the set: The Glorious Mysteries

Engage your child "bead-by-bead" through the family rosary:
The Mysteries come alive as every bead is a picture...and every picture is a prayer!

One mom told us:
"I've never seen anything like this, but it makes so much sense. A genius idea!"

Children will love having their very own prayer book!

Even before they can read words, they can read pictures--and that's the wonder of this picture prayer book:

  • Every prayer in the rosary has its own page, its own picture. Children recognize which prayer to say from the picture!
  • Each decade of rosary is a story that is brought to life by 10 colorful illustrations--one for each Hail, Mary!
  • It's an easy way to teach using rosary beads, too, because along the top of each page you can see what bead you're on.
  • Creates the foundation of contemplation in the heart and mind of a child for this wonderful devotion

A Little Catholic's First Rosary Book was developed through extensive research with hundreds of moms of children aged 6 & up.

Here's what moms said:

"A wonderful idea: making the rosary feel like a story!"
"Makes for endearing crawl-into-the-lap rosary meditation with my youngest ones."
"It's neat to see the action unfold visually for each part of the mystery."
"Reveals why we say the rosary--and opens up all kinds of teaching moments."
"Captivated the kids and allowed me to mediate on the mysteries, too!"

The kids love it, too:

"My son says this is HIS book for prayer time!"
"My girl loves how she can follow the beads, picture by picture."
"This visual rosary got my son excited to pray with me!"
"My boy was excited to have his own rosary book since he always used to take mine..."
"My youngest says each mystery is like a little story. She is always excited to see what is next."
"My daughter sat for an entire decade--and I have never been able to get her to do that in the past."

SKU/ISBN: 9781936330928 Author: Sandra Rosetter Publisher: Holy Heroes
A Little Catholic's First Rosary Book: The Glorious Mysteries Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book
1295 1165

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