Dr. Gerard Verschuuren | Paperback
1895 1232

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Challenging today’s accepted “wisdom,” Catholic scientist Gerard Verschuuren, Ph.D., here demonstrates that the question of whether God exists is not one science can answer. Indeed, that would be like expecting a microscope to reveal the square root of sixteen!

Verschuuren begins by explaining the five famous medieval proofs for the existence of God — based on reason alone — that have survived despite nearly a thousand years of efforts to refute them. With his wise help, you’ll come to see that just as reason gives us access to the existence of numbers, so it is reason that gives us access to the existence of God. In fact, when we use our reason to investigate the existence of God, we encounter proofs that are more powerful, by far, than any that science could ever provide.

Yes, Verschuuren is a Catholic; but he’s also a long-standing scientist, schooled in using reason alone to draw forth from evidence the proofs to which it necessarily leads. Among the many truths that Verschuuren evinces here by reason alone are the following:

  • Why science is not qualified to speak about the existence — or nonexistence — of God
  • The many ways we can know for certain that God exists
  • How we know that God is all-perfect
  • How God can be all-knowing
  • How we know He is all-powerful
  • What it means to say that He is “all-present”
  • Why the same God cannot be the God of all religions
  • And much more that reveals the enormous power of reason — and the even greater power of God!

Try it! Verschuuren’s stunning proofs for God’s existence — based on evidence alone — will open your eyes, stir your heart and, more importantly, deepen your faith in the wondrous Creator of Heaven and earth!

SKU/ISBN: 9781644131046 Author: Dr. Gerard Verschuuren Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
A Catholic Scientist Proves God Exists
1895 1232

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