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Confused about the edition numbering on your Daily Roman Missal?

Catholic Books Direct

One of the most popular items available on our website is the Daily Roman Missal. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and bindings, this great book from Midwest Theological Forum is your companion to both Sunday and daily Masses, providing readings and side-by-side Latin and English of the text of the Mass.

We often receive inquiries from customers who are concerned that they received an older edition of the Daily Roman Missal, so we’re providing this article to shine some light on the edition numbering of this book.

The Roman Missal (also called the Missale Romanum) is the official document of the Roman Catholic Church detailing the prayers, chants, and instructions for the Mass. The most recent edition of the Roman Missal is the 3rd edition (editio typica tertia). Check out the USCCB’s page on the Roman Missal for more details on the history of the document.

The Roman Missal is the source document for the Daily Roman Missal. However, since the Daily Roman Missal provides additional content (such as side-by-side Latin and English translation, readings, prayers, the liturgical calendar, etc.), it has its own edition numbering, and the most recent edition of the Daily Roman Missal is the 7th edition.

To denote that the 7th edition of the Daily Roman Missal is up-to-date with the latest version of the Roman Missal, the publisher lists “According to the Roman Missal, 3rd Edition” on the cover of the book. Unfortunately this can sometimes be a bit confusing for readers who expected to see “7th Edition”.

In conclusion, you can expect that the missal you purchase from Catholic Books Direct is the latest edition and in accordance with the latest translation of the Mass.

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